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A killifish is any of various small, mainly oviparous (egg-laying) cyprinodont fish (order Cyprinodontiformes, family Cyprinodontidae). The name killifish is derived from the Dutch word "kilde", meaning small creek, puddle. The two primary families for Killis are Nothobranchiidae and Aplocheilidae. Rivulidae is a smaller group of fish which are also classed as Killifish or Pearlfish.

Most Killies are small fish, 2.5-5cm (1-2"). The largest is under 15cm (5.9"), but only a few species are this large. Although Killifish is sometimes used as an English equivalent to Cyprinodontidae, some species belonging to this family have their own common names, such as the Pupfish and the Mummichog.


Common Name Species Name Image Difficulty Maximum Size Tank Size
Anatolia Killifish Aphanius anatoliae No Image.png Moderate 5.5 cm 15 gal
Banded Pearlfish Austrolebias adloffi A adloffi.jpg Challenging 2 in 15 gal
Banded panchax Epiplatys annulatus 150px Challenging 4.0 cm 2 gal
Blackstripe Topminnow Fundulus notatus No Image.png Easy 2.5 in 10 gal
Bluefin Killifish Lucania goodei Lucania goodei.jpg Very Easy 6 cm 10 gal
Brichard's Lampeye Aplocheilichthys brichardi No Image.png Moderate 3 cm 15 gal
Danfordii Killfish Aphanius danfordii No Image.png Challenging 2 in 30 gal
Georgiae Killifish Aphyosemion georgiae Aphyosemion georgiae3453.jpg Difficult 3.5 cm 15 gal
Goddess Killifish Aphyosemion hera No Image.png Easy 3 in 10 gal
Golden Panchax Pachypanchax playfairii Pachypanchax playfairii6873.jpg Moderate 4 in 20 gal
Gunther's Killifish Nothobranchius guentheri Nothobranchius Guentheri Male.JPG Challenging 2 in 10 gal
Guppy Tomeurus gracilis Tomeurus gracilis.jpg Easy 3.3 cm 10 gal
Julimes Pupfish Cyprinodon julimes Julimes pupfish (Cyprinodon julimes) male.jpg Moderate 5 cm 30 gal
Large-finned Lampeye Procatopus nototaenia No Image.png Moderate 2.4 in 20 gal
Monroviae Killifish Callopanchax monroviae No Image.png Challenging 8 in 20 gal
Mékambo Killifish Aphyosemion abacinum No Image.png Very Difficult 3.5 cm 10 gal
Northern Studfish Fundulus catenatus Fundulus catenatus.jpg Easy 8 in 30 gal
Palmqvisti's Killifish Nothobranchius palmqvisti Nothobranchius palmqvisti3453.jpg Moderate 2 in 12 gal
Peruvian Longfin Killifish Aphyolebias peruensis Aphyolebias peruensis5345.jpg Moderate 10 cm 20 gal
Picturatus Killifish Simpsonichthys picturatus Simpsonichthys picturatus453.jpg Moderate 1 in 10 gal
Potosi pupfish Cyprinodon alvarezi No Image.png Challenging 5 cm 20 gal


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